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İNŞ238 - Introduction to Transportation Planning

Instructor: Araş.Gör.Dr.Gökçen UYSAL
Teaching Assistants:
Course Book: Meyer, M. D. (2016). Transportation Planning Handbook. John Wiley & Sons.
Grading: MT-I (20%), MT-II (20 %), Homeworks and Quizzes (20 %), Final Exam (40 %)
Other Resources: Salvucci, F. (2016) MIT OpenCourseWare Lecture materials, Urban Transportation Planning; Parida, M. (Web) Urban Transportation Planning, E-learning courses from the IITs & IISc
Course Outline:
1. Week

Course Overview and Introduction (1st week)

  • Definition of Transport, Transport Systems
  • The Profession of Transport Engineering
  • Modes of Transportation
  • Components of Transportation System
  • Institutional Structure in Turkey


2. Week

Introduction: Transportation types and history (2nd week)

  • Historical Development of Transport
  • History of Highway
  • Roman Roads & Tabula Peutingeriana
  • Brief Railway History
  • Early Urban Transport System in İstanbul (Taksim-Tünel subway, Horse/Mule-drawn trams, Electric trams, Electric trolleybus)
  • History of Transport System in Turkey
  • Transportation in Cities
  • Transport a Complex Organic System
  • Conceptual Framework for Transportation Planning
  • Major Steps in Transportation Planning
  • Sustainability: 3E Triangle


3. Week

Introduction: Transportation and society, Transportation habits (3rd week)

  • Transportation touches (Economic development, Quality of life, Social equity, Public health, Ecological sustainability)
  • The Big Picture: Mobility vs. Accessibility
  • Changing Context of Transportation Planning
  • A Quick Overview of Transport Issues
  • The Automobile
  • Transit to the Rescue
  • Arguments Supporting Public Transport
  • Other Arguments Supporting Transit
  • Transport and Land Use
  • Four Step Model of Transportation Planning
  • Sustainable Transport Goals 
  • Sustainable Performance Evaluation

4. Week
Definition of Transportation Systems and Properties: Systems of passenger and load-carrying, Systems of city transportation, General concepts of transportation types
  • Transport Modes and Technologies
  • Private Transport: The automobile
  • The Automobile - Infrastructure, Classification of Highways and Their Functions
  • The Automobile – Capacity
  • Types of Traffic Flow
  • Volume, Flow Rate, Density
  • Speed-Flow-Density Relationship
  • Freeway Definition, basic freeway segment
  • Level-of-Service (LOS) Criteria for freeway
  • Determining Free Flow Speed
  • Determining Flow Rate
  • LOS Calculation
PS: Highway Capacity Manual (2000), Part III, Chapter 23  is strongly recommended for this week content.
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