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İNŞ498 - Introduction to Structural Dynamics

Instructor: Assoc.Prof.Özgür AVŞAR
Teaching Assistants:
Course Book: Chopra, A.K., Dynamics of Structures, 3rd Ed., Prentice Hall, New Jersey, 2007
Grading: Term test 1 (%20) + Term test 2 (%20) + Assignments (%20) + Final Exam (%40)
Other Resources: -Clough, R.W. and Penzien J., Dynamics of Structures, 3rd Ed., McGraw Hill, 1995 -Humar, J. L., Dynamics of Structurs, 2nd Ed., A. A. Balkema Publisher, Lisse, The Netherlands, 2002.
Course Outline:
1. Week

Single Degree of Freedom (SDOF) Systems Problem Statement

2. Week

SDOF Systems Equations of Motion


3. Week

SDOF Systems Free Vibration Response


4. Week

SDOF Systems Response to Harmonic Excitation



5. Week

SDOF Systems Response to Harmonic Excitation


6. Week

Term Test I


7. Week

SDOF Systems Response to General Excitation


8. Week

SDOF Systems Numerical Evaluation of Dynamic Rsponse



9. Week

Generalized SDOF systems


10. Week

Multi Degree of Freedom (MDOF) Systems Free Vibration Analysis

11. Week

MDOF Systems Free Vibration Analysis

12. Week

Term Test 2


13. Week

MDOF Systems Damping in Structures

14. Week

Dynamc Analysis of Linear MDOF Systems



15. Week

Final Exam

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